Monday, November 22, 2010

History of Korean Piano

Korean Piano has long been in the market for several decades. They still continue to produce quality piano for local and global market where their design and craftsmanship are well appreciated. Improvement of craftsmanship is still an ongoing process to products the best quality Korean piano for the rest of their customers worldwide.

The industry began in 1950’s with the formation of the Chung Eum Company in 1955. Followed by another firm, Soodo Piano Manufacturing Company in the late 1950’s. During these early stages, both of them are very active in the production and were able to produce those upright piano models. Unfortunately, the production was ceased to operate in 1971. On their closure comes the opening of new company, Young Chang and Samick. They undergo in various progress to achieve the top commercial production in Korean piano.

Young Chang, a Korean piano manufacturer is currently producing the 50% of piano in the Korean market. They have big production plant having around 2000 staff building upright and grand pianos for the world.

Korean pianos gained their reputation in the music industry. Lots of their products are sold worldwide and used by lots of piano musicians.

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